25 and Under: Koji Doi Gets Tested by a Veteran at WNC

by Daniel Johnson

25andunderlogoKoji Doi vs. Ikuto Hidaka

Koji Doi is a rising star in WRESTLE-1 run by Keiji Mutoh aka The Great Muta. Doi started his career in Japan’s short lived SMASH promotion before moving to Wrestle New Classic (WNC), which then merged with WRESTLE-1. Doi was trained by former WWE star Yoshihiro Tajiri and former All Asia Tag Team Championship holder Animal Hamaguchi. Before WNC merged with WRESTLE-1 Doi made it to the finals of the WNC Dave Finlay Cup 2012 and the WNC Dave Finlay Cup 2014, wrestling Akira Shinose and Hiro Tonai, respectively. Starting in January he wrestled a seven match trial series, which included wrestling veteran Ikuto Hidaka on February 27.

Doi comes out to some LMFAO music while Hidaka is all business as he enters with his ceremonial mask on.

Hidaka begins the feeling out process with two weak kicks to Doi’s legs. Doi responds soon enough by getting Hidaka in a headlock.

The performance’s pace picks up with some interesting spots like Hidaka grabbing one of Doi’s legs while he is on the ring apron and Doi is in the ring then twisting it for a dragon screw. A little later Hidaka starts a back and forth chopping contest, which somehow ends with Hidaka executing a dropkick. Hidaka then taps into a submission based pyschology by targeting Doi’s legs almost exclusively. During this Doi sells his frustration excellently by getting so fed up he smacks Hidaka in the face while in a hold.

There are also some high spots in this match. While this may not come as a surprise from Hidaka who has 17 years of high flying experience, Doi is a different story. At 231 lbs he may not exactly be a super heavyweight, but he is a little bit of a chunky monkey. Nevertheless he pulls out some leg drops from the rope including one from the very top. It is a shame he missed it.

For the finish Doi taps into his ruthless and/or Samoan side by walloping Hidaka with some headbutts. However, since Doi is not one of The Headshrinkers his head can only be so hard. Hidaka ends it with a hard kick to the head.

The full match can be seen right here:

WNC had its last show in June before merging with WRESTLE-1. The next WRESTLE-1 show will be WRESTLE-1 Tour 2014 Night 3 on December 14 in Niigata, Japan. Click here for tickets (site is in Japanese).

For the fulls results of the WNC February 27, 2014 show click here.

For more in the 25 and Under series featuring varied young Japanese talents click here and here.

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