25 and Under: Mika Iida Wrestling Around Japan

by Daniel Johnson


Luscious Latasha vs. Mika Iida

This match happened when American Northeast talent, Luscious Latasha went on her first ever wrestling tour of Japan in 2011. Latasha wrestled almost exclusively for Universal Womam’s Pro Wrestling REINA called, just REINA or UWWR for short. Since this match took place at UWWR 8 the now 26 year-old Latasha has continued to hone her craft and has appeared for SHINE Wrestling, arguably the top place for women’s wrestling in the United States. Yet, her younger opponent, Mika Iida who was just 19 years-old when this match happened may be just as worth looking out for.

Iida began her career for NEO Ladies just as the promotion was folding in 2010. In fact she made her pro wrestling debut at NEO Ladies Stand Out 2010 just a month before that promotion closed it’s door forever. Since then Iida’s career has bloomed as she has made appearances for the Japanese Women’s Pro Wrestling Project (JWP) and is a regular for Pro Wrestling WAVE. Iida has been in the ring with some of the best of the best the current joshi scene has to offer with some of her opponents being Ayako Hamada, Tomoka Nakagawa and Yuu Yamagata just to name a few.

As for this match Iida establishes dominance early by giving Latasha a hip toss then following up with a dropkick, a pin attempt and a Boston crab. Latasha doesn’t take kindly to this and soon puts Iida in a tree of woe position allowing Latasha a chance to dropkick Iida’s face off. Iida manages to keep her face intact and after a solid eight minutes of wrestling Iida clamps on a submission all too rarely used, which here features Iida pulling Latasha’s arms back while at the same time pushing her head forward with Iida’s legs. Heck, I’d tap to that!

The full match can be seen right here:

The next UWWR show will be on August 30 in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan. Click here for more information (site is in Japanese).

For the full results of UWWR 8 click here.

For more in the 25 and Under series featuring action from Japan click here and here.

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