25 and Under: Kagetsu at CHIKARA

by Daniel Johnson


Kagetsu vs. Saturyne

Kagetsu is a 22 year-old Japanese wrestler with a background in Judo who debuted for Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling (SGPW) in August 2008. Trained by joshi veteran Meiko Satomura she has averaged about 37 matches annually since wrestling her first full year in 2009. Although the overwhelming majority of these matches have been in Japan in May 2012 she wrestled two matches for CHIKARA in the United States including this match with Saturyne.

Saturyne had much less experience than Kagetsu at the time of their encounter having debuted about six months before it took place. The match is brief with nothing too complex demonstrated, but some nice spots and exchanges. Kagetsu dominates early on by pushing Saturyne into a corner and delivering some strikes. While Kagetsu shows off mostly power moves and a tad of technical wrestling, Saturyne is most exciting when hitting her crossbodies. She does this first from the top rope to the floor. Now, that’s a high spot! Whether you are Jack Evans or King Kong Bundy that is a move tough to perform completely safe, but the crowd at CHIKARA Aniversario: The Ogg And I shows some love for Saturyne for taking a chance. Before all is said and done Saturyne delivers one more crossbody before falling victim to an airplane spin from Kagetsu that gives the win to the young Japanese star.

The full match can be seen right here:

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