25 and Under: Aoi Kizuki in Ice Ribbon

by Daniel Johnson


Aoi Kizuki vs. Kasey Owens

This match between then 24 year-old Aoi Kizuki and world traveled veteran Kasey Owens took place on August 23, 2013 at an Ice Ribbon New Aisuhiro show. Despite being only 24 Kizuki had been wrestling for over eight years when this match took place.

Like Owens, Kizuki is also a wrestling veteran and has been wrestling on and off with Ice Ribbon since the promotion was first founded in 2006. Kizuki has since wrestled over 90 matches for Ice Ribbon, but does not limit herself to one promotion. Last year Kizuki debuted for Dramatic Dream Team (DDT) and the year before that she had her first matches for Japan’s Stardom promotion. In the early years of Kizuki’s career she also wrestled for Japanese Women’s Pro Wrestling Project (JWP) and had the chance to wrestle with some competitors who performed way back on the 1990’s joshi scene like Sachie Abe, Kayoko Haruyama and KAZUKI. Having a leg up in her quality of opponents over many other wrestlers, her skill has developed at an amazing speed and just continues to grow. Kizuki is well skilled in technical wrestling with some high flying talent adding to the mix. Oh yeah, Kizuki also includes a ton of comedy in her matches.

Before Owens and Kizuki engage in this encounter the two get the crowd going with some dueling chants. Although Kizuki wins the popularity contest, Owens soon takes her down with a snapemare. From there Owens goes after Kizuki’s arms, but Kizuki counters her. Kizuki inserts a little comedy in this when she has one of Owens’ arm in hand and she keeps ducking behind her then going back around to Owens’ front to say hello. She does this, not once, not twice, but five freaking times! Kizuki also later on manages to playful stomp on Owens. Something tells me Vader stomping on someone could never be described as playful, but since Kizuki looks considerably different from how Vader looks, she can get away with it. As the match winds down the two end up slugging it out in a far less humorous exchange, but Kizuki ends that by catching Owens with a clothesline then hitting a twisting splash from the top rope.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next Ice Ribbon show will be Ice Ribbon Ice in Wonderland 2014 on August 31 in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan. Click here for more information (site is in Japanese).

For the full results of the Ice Ribbon New Aisuhiro August 23, 2013 show click here.

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