25 and Under: Rydeen Hagane at Ice Ribbon

by Daniel Johnson


Rydeen Hagane vs. Kasey Owens

Rydeen Hagane has been wrestling since 2012 and debuted at just 20. Some time back Hagane took on Kasey Owens in Japan’s Ice Ribbon promotion for what turned out to be a brief, but exciting contest.

Just by looking at Hagane in comparison to Owens, she is built noticeably stockier, which in turn enables her to use some power moves against one half of the Owens Twins. The first power move Hagane uses is a counter when Owens tries to hit a lionsault and instead gets caught and slammed for her troubles. Owens is not the only one who can impersonate Chris Jericho though and soon Hagane clamps on a Boston crab before switching to the more Lance Storm-esque single leg Boston crab. When Northern Ireland’s Owens escapes it takes three dropkicks to knock down the Japanese native. If Kasey’s twin sister, Leah Owens was there maybe they could have knocked down Hagane in half the time.

At any rate as the match winds down Owens attempts to pound Hagane into defeat with some strikes, but just looking at Hagane it comes off as a bad idea. Instead Hagane eventually decides to go back to grappling and devastates Hagane with a fisherman’s suplex.

Overall this is definitely a microwave match. If you have something tasty to cook, put it in the microwave, watch this match and by the time it’s done you’ll have seen an entertaining match and have something yummy to eat.

The full match can be seen right here:

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