25 and Under: The Sebastian Radclaw Show

by Daniel Johnson

Sebastian Radclaw vs. Tyler Hawke

Sebastian Radclaw is not just a wrestlers, he’s also a reality TV star…and by reality TV star I mean he has his own hidden camera show on YouTube. As the above clip demonstrates Radclaw is a lovable goof of a wrestler. As such it should come as no surprise that in his reality show he’ll pester strangers by asking them for thing like their phone number, to go sailing with him and to give him “a slice of that ass.”

As for Radclaw as an in-ring performer he’s quite charismatic and agile. In the above match he works for Pro Wrestling Pride (PWP) in his native United Kingdom. Unfortunately for Radclaw his opponent, Taylor Hawke is not alone and has his partner in crime, Calum Cain on the outside. It soon turns into a numbers game as Cain trips Hawke and then later goes on to take cheap shots throughout the bout. Heck at one point Cain even locks a camel clutch on Radclaw outside of the ring. Although Radclaw climbs to the top rope at one point and hits Hawke and Cain then nearly wins it all with a DDT, ultimately Radclaw taps to a Boston crab reminiscent of Chris Jericho’s lion tamer in WCW.

To paraphrase The Shawshank Redemption, after the match I wish I could tell you that Sebastian fought the good fight, and Hawke/Cain let him be. I wish I could tell you that, but PWP is no fairy-tale world. On the plus side Radclaw recently got his own page on cagematch.net, so he has got that going for him!

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