UWC: Preacher Finneus James Wrestles a Former ECW Mainstay

by Daniel Johnson

Preacher Finneus James vs. Nunzio

Preacher Finneus James has been having a busy 2014. Earlier this month he wrestled for Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), making his CZW Dojo Wars debut at CZW Dojo Wars 4. Aside from that, matches keep popping up on his calendar including this one against ECW veteran Little Guido aka Nunzio (in the WWE and beyond) for United Wrestling Coalition (UWC) based in New Jersey.

This match is full of shenanigans because while Nunzio comes out with UWC’s resident harmless goofball, Silly Billy, James is accompanied by his devious valet, Arlene. For such a short match the two also put in a good amount of mat wrestling. Yet, for all that wrestling Nunzio ends up slapping James repeatedly in the back of the head like they were in a schoolyard fight. Aside from using his valet to cheat James has a meat and potatoes move set in this outing. He gets a series of two counts with moves like a crossbody, a forearm and a kick to the head. Nunzio on the other hand pulls out some less traditional moves like a Rocker dropper from the second rope.

The finish comes down to James heeling it up and arrogantly covering Nunzio, which backfires on him allowing Nunzio to win with a crucifix.

For the full results of CZW Dojo Wars 4 where Preacher Finneaus James made his CZW Dojo Wars debut click here.

For more action featuring classic ECW talent click here and here.

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