RVD Passes Kroffat on the Crossroads

An intriguing aspect of this match is looking at where each of these guys was just five years from when it took place. RVD was in the hottest independent promotion in the United States while fans wondered when he would finally jump to the WWF or WCW and realize his potential as a main event player in a major company. On the other side of the spectrum after an underwhelming run in the WWF and an even more forgettable stint in ECW (both with partner Doug Furnas), Dan Kroffat aka Phil Lafon was out of the minds of most mainstream American wrestling fans for good.

Where each ended up though has next to nothing to do with their in-ring abilities if you look solely at this match. RVD is not wrestling with a broomstick here. In fact, at the time Kroffat was a much more established wrestler and had already been given a 5 star match rating by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. It’s too bad the WWF never paired him and Furnas with a manager that could act as the mouth behind the muscle. I’m thinking Jimmy Hart, but unfortunately he was long gone by that point.

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