Bob Sapp for President

If you are expecting a Ric Flair or Bret Hart caliber match then you are insane. The only thing you’re going to see here is chaos! Whatever happened to Bob Sapp? Oh yeah, he went into more serious competitive work outside of wrestling. Bad career choice if you ask me. At the height of his online fame I even saw him mentioned in an academic paper on perceptions of race that I was skimming through. Now, I never see him mentioned unless I actually bother to look for him. At least he still makes wrestling appearances, but his star has certainly faded stateside.

Here, he goes up against everyone’s favorite sword wielding, in-ring deadweight Tiger Jeet  Singh. As I mentioned the match is mayhem, but the pre-match interviews are classic. Just think if Bob Sapp had his way we would not only have had the first black president of the United States elected in 2008, but the first black president of the United States to win the presidency via beating a foreign citizen in a wrestling match in Japan. That’s the kind of candidate I can get behind!

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