Smoky Mountain Wrestling Lives

Well, not really. At least not in the way that Jim Cornette or any of your old favorites are involved in the promotion. No, Jimmy Del Ray will not jiggle as your gigolo again anytime soon (maybe that’s a good thing). However, NWA Smoky Mountain runs shows at some of the old SMW stops including Morristown, Tennessee where this match took place.

This bout is typical of the sort you’ll find in the main event of indie promotions that are above bush league, but not on the level of a CZW or PWG. The wrestlers are fairly fit and at least make attempts to play to the crowd. Both obviously rehearsed their spots quite a bit, which keeps the match from having a completely natural flow. Also, it is a shame the hard “fan camera” is facing the way it is as the side that the camera is on (or at least the front row of it) is really into the match. Still, I have a feeling that, that side is just as barren as the one the camera is facing.

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