A Hot and Spicy Dragon

Hopefully, the prevailing image that mainstream American wrestling fans have of the Ultimo Dragon will be of a great high flyer that was actually used somewhat well in WCW. However, I’m sure at least a few will merely think of him as that guy who slipped on his cape at Wrestlemania.

Fortunately, Ultimo Dragon has a good sense of humor as he demonstrates in this match with the hot and spicy Curry Man. Although even Dragon does some dancing at one point, the match is not purely for comedic effect and the two use some solid ring psychology as the match progresses. Site visitors may enjoy the fact that there are English speaking commentators for this match, which is a good contrast to all the clips I usually post in Japanese and Spanish. By the end of it though you may be begging for those foreign languages as this pair do a pretty bad impression of Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon.

The in-ring duo play well to the crowd and while the Asai moonsault and the best moonsault ever appear in pretty much every match Dragon and Daniels…uh…I mean Curry Man wrestle in, having them trade these maneuvers against each other is incredible.

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