An Overshadowed Classic Matchup

As any serious fan of Japanese wrestling knows, Tiger Mask I had a legendary series of matches with Dynamite Kid. With their chemistry being as good as it was, it is easy to forget that as those matches were happening Tiger Mask I was also paired with Bret Hart.

Hart’s early matches are a pleasure to watch especially if you go into them not knowing what to expect. The Hitman-esque punches he throws early in the match should tell you it is going to be worth watching. On the unexpected side Bret looks huge in this match! Next to Tiger Mask, he looks like a brunette mini-Dino Bravo!

Getting back to the actual quality of the match I don’t think you’ll ever hear the phrase, “that bad Bret Hart/Tiger Mask match.” These two present a good give and take bout. The only minor flaw is that the rest holds go on a tiny bit longer than need be in the early going. Still, later on the submissions used really look painful thanks to the selling. The way Bret screams it sounds like his knee is about to get ripped off by that figure four!

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