A Loud Japanese Crowd

One stereotype that some American wrestling fans have of wrestling in Japan is that Japanese crowds are always quiet and respectful. As hopefully some of the matches I have already written about show this is not always the case. While there are plenty of quiet Japanese crowds, wrestling fans are capable of getting just as crazy in Japan as they are in America. It also helps that this really is a match worth going crazy for!

At a time when tag team wrestling is as undervalued as it is now in mainstream American wrestling, it is almost tough to believe that a tag match this good can happen. The two traits that really make this match are the teases and false finishes. Before the first powerbomb is achieved it is teased plenty of times, which makes that first impact all the more worth it. As for false finishes, just look at what they come up with for the actual finish. It would have been awesome regardless, but those false finishes and having a pumped up crowd on top of it makes that finish look absolutely devastating!

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