Indie Flashback: Sabu and Jimmy Havoc Tear Up SWE

by Daniel Johnson

Jimmy Havoc vs. Sabu

This clip has some significance today in that Sabu is a hardcore legend. Likewise, Southside Wrestling Entertainment (SWE) based out of the United Kingdom just confirmed some wrestlers SWE will feature in some October shows from a company synonymous with current hardcore wrestling, Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW).

Of course these days CZW is known for much more than just hardcore wrestling as it’s list of performers heading over to SWE shows. The folks at SWE made the announcement via their Facebook page and confirmed wrestlers include: Biff Busick, Shane Strickland, AR Fox, DJ Hyde, Drew Gulak and Kimber Lee.

As for the above posted clip it features Sabu’s SWE debut in the main event of  SWE Menace 2 Society III in 2013. Not much happens until the fight spills into the crowd and Sabu just keeps folding chairs and throwing them at Jimmy Havoc. Given that Sabu was 48 when this match took place he’s not exactly the same Sabu from 1993 and messes up some spots. The most notable of the botches is when Sabu sets up a chair and tries to jump from the chair to the middle of the top rope onto Havoc on the outside. Sabu needs a few tries to pull it off, but still at 48 he can pull it off. Sabu also hits some other crazy spots before ending it with an Arabian facebuster from the top rope threw a table.

For some more hardcore action click here and here.

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