A Caribbean Barbed Wire Rope Match

by Daniel Johnson

Viking vs. Sexxxy Eddy

Before I get into the bulk of this post I wanted to mention that this is the most I’ve ever been entertained by an ISW match. I can be a bit of a gore hound so this may not be for everyone, but if you like hardcore wrestling then you should love this.

This Caribbean barbed wire match takes place in the far north of the Caribbean (you know, the part of the Caribbean that’s in Canada) and showcases reigning ISW Champion, Viking (not The Viking) as he defends his belt against ISW mainstay Sexxxy Eddy. Although a barbed wire match, these two are not content with that being the only extreme part of the action. The barbed wire hasn’t even been touched when Viking introduces some thumbtacks. The amount of thumbtacks looks scarce, but it is still a handful of thumbtacks more than I’d like to have in my back. Eddy rips off Viking’s shirt and super kicks him into the tacks. To make matter worse for Viking he is then spun around on his back. The fight spills outside and Eddy takes a fork to Viking’s mouth then to his forehead. I guess Viking must have obeyed his mother in his youth when she told him he could only eat barbed wire after he ate his fork because sure enough Eddy starts shoving barbs in Viking’s mouth.

Viking manages a brief comeback and drags Eddy’s face through the tacks. Back on the outside light tubes make their debut in the match when Viking gets Irish whipped into them. This gets a “holy *expletive*” chant and Eddy takes a breather by only attacking Viking with a diet soda can. There’s no telling what a regular soda would have done to Viking. Viking gains control once again when the fight goes back inside the ring for a few seconds and Viking kicks a light tube into Eddy’s back. From there the brawl not only spills outside, but up the balcony. The two attempt to throw each other off as a “please don’t die” chant erupts.

Somehow the two make it back to the ring with neither committing a justifiable homicide. That looks like it could change when Eddy takes out a butt load of light tubes from under the ring. From here on out the blood is flowing freely. Even more so when Eddy stomps Viking’s head into a bundle of light tubes. Eddy decides to go for a pin after this, but only gets two. Eddy next decides to take out the truly vial weapons. Compact discs by the Backstreets Boys, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are smashed over Viking’s head. After headbutting a light tube into Eddy’s face, Viking makes the match even more gay friendly by ripping off Eddy’s wrestling gear.

The nude Eddy is almost counted out, but makes it to the ring after going to the back for new gear. Shenanigans take place when Eddy is held back by one wrestler from getting back to the ring. When Eddy makes it to the ring he gets his foot held by another wrestler while on on the second rope. Viking closes the match by busting a bundle of light tubes over Eddy’s head and hitting a backwards suplex.

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