Hardcore Ninjaz on Green Drugs

by Daniel Johnson

Hardcore Ninjaz vs. Green Drugs

ISW goes retro with this week’s installment of ISW Free Match Monday. To hype the upcoming Heavy Mania wrestling show at the Heavy MTL concert festival ISW has posted an old school IWS (that’s not a typo) match from the 2006 Vans Warped Tour for the IWS Tag Team Championship. Hardcore Ninja #1 and Hardcore Ninja #2 take on Green Phanton and PCP Crazy F’n Manny in a Caribbean barbed wire match. If you’ve never seen a Caribbean barbed wire match before then I strongly suggest you click here and here!

Phantom, by far the largest man in the match, goes nuts with a clothesline to start. The Ninjaz stay in the fight though and double spin kick Manny. The first aerial move is hit by Ninja #1 (or is that #2?) when he does a plancha over the top rope onto Phantom. Manny doesn’t take kindly to this and gorilla press slams a ninja right out of the ring.

Inside the ring there is some back and forth action before Manny gets a spiked tombstone piledriver and soon Manny and his partner are getting punished in the unforgiving barbed wire. The Ninjaz bring some chairs into the affair, but their opponents fight back with some power moves. Some power moves and some weapons that is! Phantom dropkicks some light tubes into a ninja and then suplexes his opponents simultaneously. What a beast!

The Ninjaz do not stay down forever and fight back with kendo sticks before putting Phantom through a table with twin top rope spots. More wild brawling ensues and Ninja #2 (or is that #1?) dives off of a truck to splash Manny through a table on the outside. Meanwhile back in the ring Phantom hits the other ninja with a chair, but soon both Ninjaz are back in the ring. They double team Phantom and get the win.

Some fine, fine action from a fine, fine promotion!

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