Tied Opponents at Beyond Wrestling

by Daniel Johnson

Drew Gulak vs. Darius Carter

This match from Beyond Wrestling’s Off the Grid taping took place when neither Drew Gulak or Darius Carter had the most impressive standing on Beyond Wrestling’s points system. Tied at -2 the match needs no other storyline going into it aside from two men battling to move up a spot.

Carter charges Gulak to start and soon smacks his chest and spits in his face. Are you sure you want to do that, Darius? A look of pure hatred comes over Gulak’s face and he chops Carter, Ric Flair style, but Carter manages to stay in control.

About three minutes into the bout, Gulak lets loose with another chop and gets some moves in. The fight spills to the outside and Gulak gives Carter a jackhammer that would make Bill Goldberg wince. Carter acts like he is going to leave, but instead rushes the ring, only to get pummeled by Gulak.

Gulak tries to powerbomb Carter, but Carter saves himself by raking Gulak’s eyes. The fight goes back and forth for a while until Gulak lets loose like a a madman with a backbreaker, northern lights suplex and belly-to-suplex. This final move positions Carter for a crossface-type submission that even commentator Denver Colorado doesn’t know how to call. Carter taps and Gulak’s record improves to -1.

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