RWA Crowns a New Junior Heavyweight Champion

by Daniel Johnson

Amanda Fox vs. TJ Swift

The folks at RWA uploaded a bunch of matches yesterday including this title change that sees the RWA Junior Heavyweight Championship switch hands. In the clip TJ Swift (not to be confused with his distant cousin, a major music star) takes on challenger Amanda Fox at RWA Throwback.

Fox jumps on Swift to open up the match and is thrown off not once, not twice, but thrice. Swift hits the most impressive move of the match early on by going to the apron then bouncing off the top rope to land a dropkick on the inside. The two fly all over the ring with no one having a real advantage until Fox lands some strikes and nearly hits a move off the ropes, but botches it.

Swift bounces back and plants Fox on the mat with a spinebuster. The execution is a little sloppy, but the ferociousness of the move  could still draw a smirk from Arn Anderson. Swift then tries to hit a top rope move, but gets caught by Fox and soon both performers are on the mat.

The two trade forearm shots and Swift wins the battle by delivering some rolling German suplexes. Fox comes back when Swift misses an Edge inspired spear and rolls Swift up for the victory…and the title!

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