The Nostalgia Pop

by Daniel Johnson

Last night I had the opportunity to go to a BTW show in Everett, Massachusetts that featured:

Hillbilly Jim:

hillbillyjim“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan:

jimdugganBobby Lashley:

bobbylashleyand Matt Hardy:


So a good a deal of the show relied on nostalgia pops. The good thing about promotions like BTW is that if you’re in the United States and really hankering to see some wrestlers from the 1980s and 1990s, sooner or later BTW or a promotion like it will have a show near you. Just check out the clip below:

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs. Dash Riprock

That’s right this promotion not only features action similar to the show I went to last night, but even has the same exact name. In the above clip Greg Valentine wrestles for the BTW Heavyweight Championship in 2006.

Before Hammer comes to the ring Dash Riprock cuts a promo where he says, “I wrestled three matches in one night, got my ass kicked and earned this belt.” On that note it is worth mentioning a lot of little known wrestlers actually get cheered over the big stars of yesterday by younger fans in the crowd. Believe it or not a lot of 5-year-olds don’t know who Matt Hardy is let alone Greg Valentine.

When Valentine comes out the commentators mark for Greg just being announced. In the ring the first thing Valentine does is lock up with Dash and tickle his nipple! Wait a second! Was Valentine using some gimmick where he has a touch of Alzeimer’s disease leading him to do inappropriate things. Screw BTW! I’d buy a ticket to WWE to see that!

As can be expected given Valentine’s age there is plenty of stalling, but the veteran ends this when he chops Dash. Riprock responds by pulling down the top of his singlet and asking for more. Hammer gives it to him and Dash quickly pulls up that singlet.

Next, Valentine starts to really go after Dash’s nuts with some low blows and attempted low blows. Hammer dances and mounts Riprock. Again, that Alzeimer’s gimmick would be money in the bank.

A bunch of rest holds take up a bunch of time, but what can you expect? Hammer is older than sin. The two fight outside and Greg slams Dash’s head on the timekeeper’s table and picks up the BTW Heavyweight Championship. The two wrestle back inside and Hammer chokes Dash with the belt, but Riprock fights back and soon enough is choking Valentine with his wrist tape.

For the finish Dash gets slammed off the ropes then Hammer dances and clamps on a figure-four. Greg has that hold on for so long that even the video stalls and the time expires allowing Riprock to retain his title.

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