A Quick Update On Resistance Pro

by Daniel Johnson

Tripp Cassidy vs. Joe Pittman

If you’re a fan of The Smashing Pumpkins and wrestling, but still can’t find the time to sit down and watch a full episode of Resistance Pro then this match is for you. Heck, even if you’re not a Billy Corgan fan then you can do worse than spending less than five minutes to watch this match.

Joe Pittman uses hand sanitizer before he can bring himself to shake his opponent, Tripp Cassidy’s hand. Cassidy might benefit more from having tanning lotion rubbed on him instead as he is super pasty. A relative of Sheamus perhaps? Cassidy gets Pittman in a headlock to start and Pittman shakes Cassidy’s fat. Seriously, watch this clip closely. That’s what happens. Pittman doesn’t stop there and gets Cassidy on the mat and starts laying strikes into the back of his head. Pittman stays in control for a while and even pulls on Cassidy’s beard to try to get a submission. Cassidy elbows out after Pittman is in control for a while and Pittman gets hit with a modified stunner. Pittman tries to make a comeback only to get rolled up and lose.

Fortunately, if you enjoyed this action, Resistance Pro is still kicking and will have their next show on July 26 in Willowbrook, Illinois. Unfortunately, if you enjoyed this clip the company’s YouTube channel hasn’t been updated in a month and the company’s website is so outdated that El Generico is still on their roster.

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