More from Resistance Pro

by Daniel Johnson

The New Millennia vs. Two Star Heroes

I’m not sure if it was because of the in-ring action showcased or what, but yesterday’s Resistance Pro clip helped bump up traffic to the site. Also, I’m sure my insistence to hyperlink to odd photos of Billy Corgan like this helps.  At any rate I figured I’d give the Transcriptonians what they want and feature another match from that promotion run by the lead singer of The Smashing Pumpkins.

Readers who look at the site very closely may remember Ace Hawkins and Brandon Espinosa aka The New Millennia from this eight man tag match featured earlier this month. With half as many participants they get more of a chance to shine against “Marvelous” Matt Knicks and “King of the Dark Match” Chris Castro aka Two Star Heroes in this match from the Resistance Pro Stay Hungry tapings. Knicks and Espinosa start by working on each others arms, which ends with Knicks coming out on top then missing a second rope moonsault before nailing a second rope dropkick. The respective partners get tagged in and Castro knocks Hawkins down with a mighty European uppercut. Knicks gets tagged back in and is slammed by his partner onto Hawkins.

The tide turns when Espinosa gets tagged back in and The New Millennia double teams Knicks. This momentum is short lived because Knicks manages an enzuigiri and gives Castro a hot tag. Castro comes in and after clearing house he gets punched in his jelly belly and punished with kicks by The New Millennia. Knicks comes back in to help and the duo puts Espinosa away with five stars of awesomeness.

And if that is not enough to get you into Resistance Pro then here is another photo of Billy Corgan.

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