Kassius Ohno Plays a Hero Against El Generico

by Daniel Johnson

El Generico vs. Chris Hero

ROH is really going all out with ROH Throwback Thursday. This week’s addition of the man who would become Sami Zayn, El Generico taking on the man who would become Kassius Ohno, Chris Hero may just be the best installment of Throwback Thursday to date.

The match happened at Epic Encounter 3 and features Hero trying to kick Generico’s face off for much of the match. In fact Hero is giving Generico so many kicks to the face that at one point he seems to get tired of doing this and knocks Generico out of the ring so Hero’s manager Shane Hagadorn can lay in some kicks instead. Generico fights back, but gets caught after an Arabian moonsault attempt and slammed into the guardrail. Back in the ring there is plenty of back and forth action and Generico at one point even allows the action to spill back outside when he flips onto Hero. It just isn’t enough to put Hero away and after what seems like countless strikes Hero stretches out Generico for the submission victory.

This bout took place a little over three years ago. Both guys are now done with ROH and have a new home in WWE. With word The Briscoe Brothers are finally leaving ROH why not pull the trigger on a feud between The Hardy Boyz and The Briscoe Brothers? TNA more or less give Jeff Hardy free reign to do whatever he wants and it is a dream feud scenario that would help ROH tremendously. Admittedly both teams aren’t in ideal shape, but the name value alone sells it. The worst case scenario would be that ROH gets reamed by TNA in negotiations, but with a roster getting thinner and thinner ROH needs to grasp at this last bunch of straws. Plus, it could even end with Jay Briscoe dropping the ROH World Championship to Matt Hardy. At least then I wouldn’t have to read countless online critics go on about how that is the smart next move for ROH.

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