Pre-ECW Barbed Wire

A lot of newer fans (or at least as new as from the 1990s onward) may have had their first knowledge of barbed wire matches by watching the original ECW or perhaps for even newer fans by watching TNA. However, barbed wire was used years before with gusto.

Aside from barbed wire this match is also made special by being a title vs. title match. Carlos Colon puts his WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship up against the WWC Television Championship of Jason The Terrible.

Despite all of the hoopla surrounding the bout, it still comes off as slow for the overwhelming duration as Jason plods around. However, we have to appreciate that barbed wire matches were even rarer back then and the spectacle was in just inflicting pain rather than focusing on things like workrate.

And pain there is! Just look at Jason! The last time I saw that much blood flow it involved a feminine hygiene product with wings! (“Joke” inspired by RD Reynolds).

It also has some fun moments and the figure four being used as the match ends reminds me a little of the sharpshooter spot in the Hart/Austin classic that would happen years later at Wrestlemania 13.

While Jason had far from an undefeated streak in WWC at least he had a pretty solid win/loss record in Manhattan.

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