Hiram Tua and Noriega Need House Show Bookings

Before I get to anything, I just wanted to point out that this video is stretched so the wrestlers look a little bit like hobbits. Oh well, at least now you will get a good idea of what it would look like if Frodo could pull off a shooting star press.

Now originally I wanted to post this video just so I could rave about Hiram Tua and talk about why TNA or Ring of Honor should give him a shot (since WWE would butcher his high flying ability). Yet, reflecting on the match I am now convinced that TNA, Ring of Honor or even WWE should hire both these guys to work house shows or dark matches.

The two have great chemistry and use their in-ring gestures masterfully to speak to the cheap seats. Carlos Colon must be proud! Arguably these gestures may get annoying after a while, but at least in this match the break neck speed of the action keeps you too distracted to get annoyed by such trivial things.

I’m sure they would have a devil of a time making the transition to working a WWE TV match, but in terms of working a crowd and getting them pumped up, they are well ahead of a lot of American talent.

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