The Front Dominates

by Daniel Johnson

Sugar Dunkerton and Aaron Epic vs. Eric Corvis and Nicholas Kaye

Here is a great new addition to Beyond Wrestling’s YouTube page. Before I get to the positives though I have to nitpick a little. Although usually awesome Denver Colorado is a little off here and tries too hard to sell the dominance of the heel team that is The Front. He does this at the expense of this great match from CZW between The Front and The KOA by ignoring their moves, which are often phenomenal. It  reminded me of when Tony Schiavone used to talk over the action in WCW just to blabber on about the NWO. Oh well, at least Colorado is actually talking up the talent in the ring rather than taking away from a perfectly good lucha match.

Now to the action itself. It starts off with the faces at a disadvantage when The Front jump The KOA from behind. The faces do not stay down for long and Sugar Dunkerton slams Eric Corvis’ head against the mat a bunch of times before Aaron Epic lays in a swift kick to that same head. Dunkerton and Epic next get to show off their high-flying skills when the match spills outside and both dive over the top rope.

The heels gather some momentum and Corvis gives Epic a sick chop then plants him on the ground only to pick him up and deliver another sick chop. Nicolas Kaye comes in and tangles Epic in the ropes. This allows him to climb the ropes and come down with a vicious stomp.

Dunkerton managers to get the hot tag, but what Colorado describes as “elbows galore” proves not to be a strong enough offense. Corvis puts Epic away by flipping him into the turnbuckles and getting the pin.

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