Remember Matt Sydal? He’s Back…in Mike Form

by Daniel Johnson

Mike Sydal vs. Father Jack Mecido

It may be tough to believe for longtime indie fans, but Matt Sydal has been off the indie scene now for way over half a decade. It also be tough to believe for even short term WWE fans that Evan Bourne aka the former Matt Sydal has now been out of action for about a year. Alas, to Kofi Kingston’s dismay Air Boom was not meant to be.

Luckily for those experiencing Sydal/Bourne withdrawal there is Matt’s brother Rock n’ Roll Buck Zumhofe Mike Sydal. He has a lot in common with Matt except for his back since he suffers from a chronic condition known as “having an incredibly crappy tattoo.”

Still, this bout with Father Jack Mecido shows that no matter what covers his back he can always go in the ring. The opening of this match has an extremely slow pace for anything involving a Sydal. In fact, it’s more reminiscent of the opening of a Greg Valentine match. Sydal first hints at his speedy skills by monkey flipping Jack. From there Mike get his opponent in a headlock and yells, “You want me to rip his head off?” This comes much to the delight of those in attendance. Yet, regardless of what he is yelling a headlock is still a resthold and the pace grinds to a halt again.

Sydal doesn’t truly come alive until just before the conclusion when he hits twin dropkicks, a diving clothesline into the corner and a bulldog. From there Mike makes his way to the top rope and nails Jack with his knees. Mike polishes him off finally with a dropkick to the head (that isn’t quite an enziguri) and a standing moonsault.

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