Where’s My Pizza?

by Daniel Johnson

LC Ciatso vs. Wes Brisco

Let’s see…in this clip we have Wes Brisco, less than 100 people in attendance and what looks like stripper poles on the entrance way. No, this isn’t a TNA house show, but rather an event held by NWA Florida Underground Wrestling (NWA FUW). The company has a regularly updated website and active YouTube channel which alone puts it above most current NWA promotions. Plus, there is a swell little feature on their website where each wrestler bio gives the wrestler a number score in the categories of defense, power, charisma and aggression. It’s just like a video game. While the bios are a neat feature most of the time in some instances like that of Rick Roberts they can also be horrifying.

As the title of this post suggests the most astounding part of this clip is the shrill chant of “where’s my pizza?” that is said more or less continuously throughout. Here’s a game you can play: try to count how many times that phrase is said before the match ends. It is sure to be one of the only games around where somehow including a shotgun may make it less dangerous. Anyway, while Wes no doubt has watched tapes of his uncle Jack Brisco, Ciatso has apparently done the same with old Jerry Lawler footage. The guy stalls like a madman. When the action finally begins the son of Gerald Brisco starts off strong and takes Ciatso down and follows that up by landing multiple elbows on Ciatso’s arm. Ciatso dominates for a while after that, but before the bell rings he finds himself in a fireman’s carry position and then Wes drives him down to the mat.

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