Mighty Joe Doering

by Daniel Johnson

Joe Doering vs. Jun Akiyama

With his brute strength this new age Mike Awesome comes off less like mighty Joe Doering and more like Mighty Joe Young in this clip. Perhaps he was in the mindset of being a gigantic ape when he nailed the smaller Akiyama twice with a gorilla press slam. The first one he does almost lovingly by slamming Akiyama’s neck onto the ropes (okay, maybe lovingly is the wrong word). The second is all the more vicious which Doering appears to rejoice in when he launches Akiyama from ringside right into the guardrail.

With all this offense, Doering casually struts around the ring like a beast and Akiyama is selling his pain like a champ. Actually, the way some of Doering’s attacks were laid in, Akiyama probably doesn’t have to try that hard to sell. This set up pays off with a great surprise when Jun hits a flying. From there Jun gains a little momentum until he is planted down with an Arn Anderson approved spinebuster. Joe appears cocky again and lifts Jun up to the heavens for a powerbomb. Unfortunately, for Joe he lifted Jun a little too high and Jun rolls him up for a victory. The clip cuts off right after the pin, but I’m sure the loss made Doering go bananas.

On a random note this also happened yesterday. I don’t think any of the competitors threw feces at each other so alas there are no more monkey references to be made.

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