Indie Flashback: Matt Tremont and Tank Create Carnage in 2013

by Daniel Johnson

indieflashbacklogoMatt Tremont vs. Tank

Tonight, “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont will wrestle a big boy in “The Outlaw” Stockade in the third chapter of their feud at Beyond Wrestling Ends Meet. To get your blood pumping just a little harder for this match click here for The Johnson Transcript’s exclusive interview with Tremont. If you’ve already checked that out then you may want to stay right here since one way to get excited for the future is by looking at the past. A little over a year ago Tremont was appeared for IWA: Deep South and faced another super heavyweight performer in the form of veteran hardcore wrestler, Tank at IWA: Deep South Carnage Cup 9—Night 1.

Tremont comes out and gives a little smirk to the crowd before putting on a much more serious expression. Some fans yell out, “Dream match” as the two put up their dukes. The ring announcer then lets fans know this is a Taipei death match, meaning each wrestler has his fists covered in broken glass.

Tank lands the first strike with a kick to Tremont’s gut. Tank continues the punishment by grinding his fist into Tremont’s crucifix tattoo on his upper left arm. If Tank keeps that up Tremont may have to get a touch up at his preferred tattoo parlor, sooner rather than later.

Tank starts using other weapons by first pulling out a fork and digging into Tremont’s forehead. Yes, the blood is flowing freely in this one. The big man continues his assault by next attacking Tremont with a VHS tape. I just wish we could have seen what the tape was exactly. Perhaps it was Watership Down, which is about as disturbing as the most gruesome parts of this match. That’s not to take away from this hardcore encounter either. Watership Down iss just a really messed up movie.

In any event Tremont attempts a comeback by using a fork on Tank’s forehead then biting Tank’s head. Tremont follows up with some open handed shots and a double axe handle. Tank retreats to the outside, but Tremont attacks him with a clothesline off of the ring apron. At one point Tank chokes Tremont with some barbed wire across his throat. The two then have a very vicious exchange where they headbutt each other until Tank comes out on top. You’d think these guys were related to Jimmy Snuka, Umaga or Rikishi. Perhaps all three because that is some straight up Samoan style action right there.

Tank loses control of the match when he misses a butt bump into the corner and instead of nailing Tremont, he nails some light tubes. Tremont sees an opportunity and executes a running elbow that gets him a two count.

The two exchange breaking light tubes over each other. Tank then pulls out a DVD player of all things. Aside from just beating Tremont with it, Tank puts it across Tremont’s nuts then punches it. Bruce Hart would love this match!

Tank delivers a cannonball to Tremont while the smaller man is covered with light tubes. Tank follows up with a big back body drop onto light tubes and a belly-to-back suplex onto even more light tubes. Tremont starts building momentum with two clotheslines, but Tank flips him the bird. The two then both come crashing down when they simultaneously connect with clotheslines.

The match ends when the two are fighting on the ropes and Tremont wallops Tank with a headbutt that sends him falling onto three chairs and some more light tubes. Tremont performs a big splash off the top and gets a three count. After the match Tank cuts a promo thanking Kevin Brannen for bringing him back to the IWA: Deep South Carnage Cup after four years away and puts over Tremont. Tremont would go onto win the whole tournament the following night at IWA: Deep South Carnage Cup 9: Night 2.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next big IWA: Deep South event will be IWA: Deep South Carnage Cup 10, which will consist of  IWA: Deep South Carnage Cup 10: Night 1 and IWA: Deep South Carnage Cup 10: Night 2 on February 28 and March 1, respectively in Jasper, Tennessee. Click here for more information.

For the full results of IWA: Deep South Carnage Cup 9 click here and here.

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