Indie Flashback: Hailey Hatred Brawls with John Thorne in an I Quit Dog Collar Match

by Daniel Johnson

indieflashbacklogoHailey Hatred vs. John Thorne

At Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW), Hailey Hatred and John Thorne have had an on and off feud as lengthy as it has been aggressive. At least they did until a few years ago when they last worked for the company. When this clip was first uploaded to YouTube by the AIW folks in 2012 Hatred and Thorne had not had a match in a while. Yet, the feud arguably reached its peak in this battle from AIW Absolution 4 as Hatred battled Thorn in an I quit dog collar match in 2009.

Thorne dominates from early on in what at that point can hardly be called a wrestling match. The two do not exactly have the same masterful psychology Roddy Piper used in his classic against Greg “The Hammer” Valentine at NWA Starrcade ’83: A Flair for the Gold. Instead Thorne’s assault consists mostly of just striking and brutalizing Hatred with the chain. There are also some spots pretty typical for this kind of match like Thorne throwing Hatred outside of the ring and choking her with the chain while also using the ropes.

Hatred makes a comeback when she locks Thorne in a crippler crossface. Yet, Thorne will not tap out. At least not yet. Hatred gives Thorne an exploder onto a chair then gives some chair shots. The match isn’t quite as physical as some of the ones Sabu and Taz had back in ECW, but it’s up there.

The finish of the match comes when Hatred clamps on a modified STF. Okay, perhaps calling it a modified STF is a bit of a stretch. After all by the time Thorne submits Hatred is pushing her foot into the back of his head.

The full match can be seen right here:

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