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by Daniel Johnson


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Interviewer’s Note: “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont is one of the premiere death match wrestlers working on the American independent scene today. Tremont has wrestled in over a dozen fans bring the weapons matches and a slew of other hardcore matches with all sorts of stipulations. Tremont will next wrestle in a fans bring the weapons match later tonight at Beyond Wrestling Ends Meet when he battles “The Outlaw” Stockade. Before he took off from New Jersey to head to the show, Tremont gave this interview where he discussed his overall career as well as some more specific points. Tremont may be known best for his work for Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), but he has also achieved notable accomplishments for such promotions as IWA: Mid-SouthWomen Superstars Uncensored (WSU)IWA: Deep South and IWA: East Coast. In these promotions Tremont has won the IWA: Mid-South King of the Death Match 2014, the WSU Queen & King of the Ring 2014 (tagging with Mickie Knuckles), the IWA: Deep South Carnage Cup 9 and the IWA: East Coast Masters of Pain 2012. In 2012 Tremont wrestled his first matches oversees when he worked for Westside Xtreme Wrestling (WXW) in Germany. Tremont also held singles gold for the first time this year when in Vicious Outcast Wrestling (VOW) he won the VOW Anarchy Championship in June and held the title for 181 days. Tremont has a website that can be found here, he can be found on Twitter here and he has a YouTube page here. This interview was completed on December 27, 2014. In this interview Tremont and I focus on his fans bring the weapons matches.

Daniel Johnson: Before I get into the bulk of my questions I was wondering in just a few words how would you describe yourself as a performer?
Matt Tremont: Throwback to the days of old, a performer that’s able to bridge the gap of old school and new, work any style. Hardcore and brawling are my bread and butter and what I enjoy and excel at. 110 percent from bell to bell.

Daniel Johnson: You mentioned old school wrestling. I was curious who are some old school talent who have inspired you? Also, is there one wrestler in particular that inspired you the most?
Matt Tremont: Dusty Rhodes, Mick Foley, Kevin Sullivan and Buzz Sawyer are some of the guys I enjoyed watching. All for different reasons, some for in-ring work, to selling to talking and mastering the art of the promos. Out of them all Foley struck a cord with me earlier on and I enjoyed his work and study him and the others to this day. Terry Funk as well, can’t forget the funker.

Daniel Johnson: What old school wrestlers have you had the chance to meet? Do you have any good stories you could tell involving any old school wrestlers?
Matt Tremont: Out of the performers I mentioned I’ve had the honor to meet and have conversation with Terry Funk and Kevin Sullivan. Mr. Sullivan sticks out the most, I met him this past June in West Virginia while working an IWA: East Coast event. I got to pick his brain and noticed he watched my match while performing, which was very cool. He had good things to say and enjoyed it, which meant a lot coming from him.

Daniel Johnson: Cool. The company a lot of folks probably know you best from is CZW. Reflecting on this year what moment most stands out to you from your work with this company?
Matt Tremont: This year in particular would be the Tangled Web match with Devon Moore this past October. Long build after almost a year program and this was the blow off, I enjoyed the match a lot.

Daniel Johnson: Early in the year in CZW you wrestled Devon Moore for the CZW Wired TV Championship. What are your thoughts on Moore and on the match you had with him at the CZW 15th Anniversary Show in particular? Also, what do you think helped make your match in October even better?
Matt Tremont: Devon Moore is a veteran in the business and knows what he is doing. During his time as Wired Champ he was on a roll. I enjoyed our match at 15 as it was a non-death match environment, something the fans don’t see me do often at CZW and I thought it was a good one. It was just a taste of what we could do later and now with violence eight months later.

Daniel Johnson: A lot of fans might say matches like this help boost the image of the CZW Wired TV Championship. What are your thoughts on the CZW Wired TV Championship and how do you think this title works to showcase CZW talent?
Matt Tremont: It took the place of the very prestigious [CZW World] Junior Heavyweight title. It’s the second and only other singles championship in CZW and a very important one. I look at that title as the workhorse belt like the [WWE Intercontinental] title was at one point in the WWE, so I’d say it’s very important.

Daniel Johnson: Outside of your work with CZW and CZW related companies you also held the VOW Anarchy Championship for 181 days. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you have not had many title runs to date. How important do you think title runs are in pro wrestling and what did you think of your time as VOW Anarchy Champion?
Matt Tremont: 100 percent correct. The VOW Anarchy Championship was indeed my first singles championship in my career and very meaningful to me. It showed this up and coming company in VOW had faith and stock in me to bring some value to the belt and help garner more attention for their company. It meant a lot and I’m glad to have one under my belt and put on the resume.

Daniel Johnson: I was curious how did you get involved in VOW? Also, what are your thoughts on the VOW roster and are there any people on the roster you have yet to work with you would like to in the near future?
Matt Tremont: I was contacted via social media, they saw my body of work at CZW and saw me as a asset to their fledgling hardcore/anarchy division. They have a lot of young talent most of which are from the western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia area. One talent that’s up and coming there is a young man named Derek Direction. I’d definitely like to work him upon my return to VOW in late 2015. I see a lot of potential in him.

Daniel Johnson: Cool. Getting back to CZW you also had the chance to wrestle Jun Kasai. What are your reflections on this match and of working with Japanese talent such as Kasai?
Matt Tremont: Kasai is the end all be all when it comes to this style and genre of the business in death match wrestling. It was an honor to share the ring with him. Any international flavor is different and working a guy like Kasai only makes you better. I was happy with the end result of my match and hope to do it again someday.

Daniel Johnson: Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you have yet to wrestle for Big Japan Pro Wrestling (BJW), a Japanese company CZW has a working agreement with. Is this something that might change in the near future?
Matt Tremont: I have not gone to BJW or Japan in general for any promotion, it is a huge goal and aspiration of mine.

Daniel Johnson: Speaking of Japan are there any wrestlers in Japan you are hoping to work with? If so then who?
Matt Tremont: [Daisuke] Sekimoto. [Masashi] Takeda and [Yuko] Miyamoto in BJW, I’d like to step in ring with. A dream opponent would be [Atsushi] Onita in his specialty match of a no rope explosions match.

Daniel Johnson: Haha, that was actually part of the next question I wanted to ask. What do you think of those barbed wire matches with exploding rings that I believe originated in the 1990s? I believe one of those has not taken place in Japan for years. Would you have any interest in bringing them back? Is this a possibility somewhere down the line?
Matt Tremont: I would love to partake in one. Actually throughout 2014, Onita did several of them for multiple promotions including ZERO 1 and NOAH. I always was a fan of them when they were done in Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling (FMW).

Daniel Johnson: That’s pretty cool that there have been some recently, I was not aware of this. Since we have been talking about wrestling outside of the country I wanted to get your thoughts on WXW. In 2012 you worked for WXW in Germany through CZW’s working agreement with them. Was this the first time you wrestled abroad? What are your thoughts on the experience?
Matt Tremont: The WXW tour was indeed my first oversees taste of international exposure for myself and a delightful one. WXW is the premier company there and I had a memorable stay and matches there. Passionate fanbase, I enjoyed my time there and hope to return for the 2015 Europe tour in the fall.

Daniel Johnson: Getting into your most recent work earlier this month you wrestled at CZW Cage of Death XVI in an ultraviolent food fight teaming with Buxx Belmar against Greg Excellent and Sexxxy Eddy. Where would you rank this match compared to your other CZW Cage of Death matches and what most stands out to you from this one?
Matt Tremont: This was one of the most unique and different matches I’ve had not just in CZW, but in my whole career. The last two years I was in the Cage of Death match itself, so this was a change of pace. For me personally I would love to be in the cage every year, but this encounter was fun and I enjoyed the match. A little easier on the body at the end of the night as well lol. And I got to work with a CZW icon in Sexxy Eddy so for me personally that was cool. All three guys made it a fun match and I think the crowd was into it as well.

Daniel Johnson: Just on paper an ultaviolent food fight match sounds unusual. I was curious of all the matches you have participated what do you think has been the most unusual or unique?
Matt Tremont: This was definitely the most unusual and unique by far.

Daniel Johnson: One kind of match I was really interested in talking with you about are fans bring the weapons matches. I was curious how many of these have you wrestled in altogether and what are your memories of the very first one?
Matt Tremont: It’s probably the one gimmick match I’ve done the most thus far. I don’t know an exact number, but a good guess would be probably 15 or more. I enjoy them. Unpredictable as to what the fans bring. We try to incorporate as much as we can as the fans put the time and effort in. They seem to like them as well and they are apart of it.

Daniel Johnson: Before you wrestled in a fans bring the weapons match were there any matches of this sort that drew you in as a fan?
Matt Tremont: No rope barbed wire matches have always been my favorite as a fan and performer.

Daniel Johnson: What fans bring the weapons match have you had that you think turned out the best? In other words, which is your favorite and why?
Matt Tremont: I would definitely say myself versus Biff Busick at Beyond Wrestling this past June. It was a lot fun and just clicked well. The atmosphere was tremendous and it helps when a fanbase like Beyond’s and Rhode Island’s in general haven’t seen a lot of them. So it was special.

Daniel Johnson: I actually got to see that one live and I think you’re absolutely right about the atmosphere. Speaking of that match, how, if at all, do you think it helps elevate a company like Beyond Wrestling when a title as prestigious as the CZW World Heavyweight Championship is defended on their show?
Matt Tremont: Beyond’s growth is huge. They are becoming, if not already, a premier independent promotion in the States to work for. That match in particular was my first sanctioned shot at the CZW title, it just happened to be at Beyond. It definitely helped the match and made it more meaningful and special.

Daniel Johnson: I was curious about the nuts and bolts of fans bring the weapons matches you have had as well. Since it is the fans bringing the weapons is there any sense of added risk?
Matt Tremont: About the same before any other violent match, no real added risk personally. The unpredictability factor with the weapons, but nothing outside of that.

Daniel Johnson: What is the most unusual weapon a fan has ever brought to one of these matches?
Matt Tremont: Anything involving toothpicks. I’ve seen some intense weapons constructed with those items.

Daniel Johnson: Has there ever been a weapon brought that made you think, “No way, I’m not using this.” If so then what was it?
Matt Tremont: Now yes. When I first started no because I wanted to do anything to get noticed, etc. Now I’ll pass on some things. I’ve put the time n and proved myself and don’t need to do excessive things. It comes with time and experience. For example the toothpick stuff, did them at one point early on. Now no need to.

Daniel Johnson: Looking to the near future you have a fans bring the weapons match tomorrow with Stockade. What are you expectations for this match?
Matt Tremont: It’s chapter three of a brewing competitive rivalry. We both have a lot of respect for each other. We’re both old school throwbacks. We’ve been telling a story since August when we first crossed paths and every match the violence increases. The fans have their expectations of me and I do of myself. The FBTW with Biff is vivid in the fans minds so we have to be different and top the first one, which I think we are more then capable of doing. I’m looking forward to it a lot.

Daniel Johnson: How do you think this fans bring the weapons match can top your previous work with Stockcade?
Matt Tremont: I have an idea how, we will all find out tomorrow. Myself and Stockade have a different intangible quality because it’s an ongoing feud and we’re building to something. This is an important chapter in the story. Stockade is looking to push the envelope as am I. The bull rope [match] was his world the previous month and now we’re in mine. I have some things in mind Beyond and its fanbase have yet to see. Tomorrow the platform is there to be violent and we will indeed do just that.

Daniel Johnson: On a different note, please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you are still just 25 years-old. Given how many matches you have how has your body held up to the punishment? Do you have any nagging injuries and if so how have you overcome this?
Matt Tremont: 26 In just a few months. May not be old to some, but like you said the matches I’ve partaken in do take a toll. February I’ll have been doing this seven years and the physical toll I’ve taken is up there. No broken bones, knock on wood. Little things: bum knee, hip acts up from time to time. But all in all I knew getting into this style a while ago it would take its toll. I feel great though and am looking forward to a busy 2015.

Daniel Johnson: Also, I was curious how much of this punishment do you think is the result of hardcore style matches versus just being a pro wrestler in general?
Matt Tremont: It definitely increases that toll. You already take a lot of punishment to begin with then add these type of matches and it definitely increases that for sure.

Daniel Johnson: Switching topics again, in addition to big CZW events you have also wrestled on some of the shows promoted as CZW Dojo Wars. What are your thoughts on CZW Dojo Wars?
Matt Tremont: I have not taken part in Dojo Wars yet, unfortunately. But it is a great platform for the CZW students in training to work on their craft and in front of an audience. It is a good thing for many different things.

Daniel Johnson: Nuts, that’s right I had my facts a little mixed up. Anyway, any chance you will wrestle on a Dojo Wars show in the near future. Also, while we are on the topic if you could only pick one younger wrestler who works for CZW Dojo Wars that you think fans should know about who would it be and why?
Matt Tremont: I would definitely like to in the future. I’m sure it will happen at some point in the next year. Connor Claxton (Wrench) of the Nation of Intoxication comes to mind. He has worked a few matches on main CZW events in Ohio and has done well for himself at Dojo Wars. So he definitely sticks out as the one to look out for.

Daniel Johnson: This is kind of a random question, but a distinction you have had is being a tournament winner on multiple occasions. Just this year you won the WSU Queen and King of the Ring Tournament 2014, the IWA: Mid-South King of the Death Match Tournament 2014 and in Evolution Pro Wrestling (EPW) you made it to the finals of the EPW Death Match Tournament 2014. What has been the most memorable tournament you have wrestled in so far and what made this one stand out?
Matt Tremont: I’ll include IWA: Deep South Carnage Cup 2013 and IWA: East Coast Masters of Pain 2012 as well. There are four major death match tourneys in the States and the only one I’ve yet to take is CZW Tournament of Death. As far as the Queen & King with Mickie, she was a great partner, enjoyed working with her and winning the whole thing together, that was fun. EPW’s tourney was good and showcased a lot of the younger midwest guys doing death matches. Definitely winning IWA: Mid-South King of the Death Match was memorable for me and pretty cool to add my name to the list of previous winners. All of the IWA promotions have been good to me.

Daniel Johnson: This is a broad question, but what do you think fans will most remember about your career in 2014?
Matt Tremont: I would say just the overall consistency of matches and body of work. As long as their enjoying them and getting their money’s worth that’s all that matters. And I’d say my growth as a performer and branching out and doing more then just hardcore or violent matches. The fans at some places have been able to see more sides of me as a talent and that I’m more than just blood and guts. But no mistake about it. The violence is what I excel at and enjoy.

Daniel Johnson: Looking to the future what would you like to achieve in 2015?
Matt Tremont: Continuing to better myself .Personal goals of achieving Tournament of Death for CZW, more overseas tours, etc. Just continue to build The Bulldozer brand and talent and to stay busy and healthy.

Daniel Johnson: To close interviews I like to ask five short non-wrestling related questions then some very brief wrestling questions. First, what is your favorite movie to come out in the past year?
Matt Tremont: I’d day Dumb and Dumber To. I’m a big comedy fan and enjoy the movie a lot.

Daniel Johnson: Cool, I enjoyed that one too. What do you enjoy watching on TV?
Matt Tremont: I don’t watch a lot of regular TV, if I do it’s usually Family Guy and Storage Wars.

Daniel Johnson: What is your favorite song to come out in the past year?
Matt Tremont: I’ll be honest and say I probably could not pick one. I’m an old school guy at heart and don’t listen to much of anything new, except for what’s on radio. I honestly couldn’t tell you a song that’s from this year lol.

Daniel Johnson: What is the last book you read and would you recommend it?
Matt Tremont: The last book I read was Mick Foley’s Countdown to Lockdown[: A Hardcore Journal], which was a few years ago I believe now. I’d recommend any of Foley’s books. They are always a good read.

Daniel Johnson: Have you tried any new foods this year? If so what has been your favorite new food?
Matt Tremont: My favorite food is pasta. Nothing new. Italian food is big in the family. So I enjoy a good pasta dish, usually penne vodka pasta.

Daniel Johnson: Getting back to wrestling other than yourself who is one wrestler 25 or under that you think readers should know about?
Matt Tremont: Oz Tyler, he works mainly for On Point Wrestling (OPW) out of New Jersey. I don’t think he is even 21 yet, been in the business maybe two years. Has size, look and natural athleticism to be a star.

Daniel Johnson: Ribs and road stories can be a lot of fun. Do you have any that you could share?
Matt Tremont: Nothing good. I usually travel alone and do my own thing, haven’t seen nor heard of anything good as of writing.

Daniel Johnson: What, if anything, has been the weirdest part of your career?
Matt Tremont: Nothing weird per say, but in this business and line of work on either side of the guardrail you meet some interesting people.

Daniel Johnson: My final question is, is there anything you would like to add?
Matt Tremont: To the fans, your support of myself and the business is always appreciated. It means a lot. My growth is with your eyes and voice and I’m able to do something I enjoy because of you and you enjoying my work so thank you. Follow me on Twitter @tremontczw and check out and if your looking for a glimpse of my work, matches, promos, etc. check out

Check out Matt Tremont in action! Tremont’s promo for his upcoming match with Stockade can be found here. About two years earlier Tremont set his sights on a very different type of opponent in this street fight he had with Drake Younger at the joint CZW/WXW Enter the Combat Zone 3 show:

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