25 and Under: Scarlett Bordeaux Debuts at CSW

by Daniel Johnson


Scarlett Bordeaux vs. The Angel

Before Ring of Honor (ROH) and brief appearances in WWE and TNA, Scarlett Bordeaux wrestled in the second match of the night at a Chicago Style Wrestling (CSW) show. Some readers may know Bordeaux best from serving as the valet for Matt Taven and working with Truth Martini in ROH, but there is a lot more to her career than that. At CSW Southside Showdown, Bordeaux took on The Angel in an engaging bout.

From the start of the match Bordeaux shows she is not a meat and potatoes wrestler by how she paces herself and the range of moves she performs. After a running bulldog, Bordeaux tries for a double axe handle from the second rope, but gets caught by Angel with a shot in the gut. Bordeaux sells the surprise of this move just like how her reaction must have been when she was asked to appear as one of Adam Rose’s Rosebuds.

Bordeaux’s comeback is a little more cookie cutter than her previous offense and consists of some forearms, two clotheslines and a sloppy spinwheel kick. Angel pulls out a bit of a suprise though with The Miz’s mic check move.

Along with Bordeaux’s straight wrestling skills this match also positions Bordeaux so that she has to beat the odds just like John Cena has done so many times. Only instead of the entire WWE Monay Night Raw roster, she just has to contend with Angel’s ally, “Hell’s Cowboy” Hunter Pain, who grabs Bordeaux’s leg when she is on the ropes. Although Angel takes advantage by nailing a superplex she is unable to put Bordeaux away.

For the finish Bordeaux traps Angel in a small package to get a three count.

The full match can be seen right here:

CSW is not currently promotiong any upcoming shows, but on November 15, 2014 they had an event in Bourbannais, Illinois entitled CSW Pro Wrestling Southland. To check out a poster from that show click here.

For the full results of CSW Southside Showdown click here.

For more in the 25 and Under series featuring entertaining women’s action from all around click here and here.

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