25 and Under: The Crowd Cheers on Jessie Kaye at PCW in West Virginia

by Daniel Johnson

25andunderlogoJessie Kaye vs. Kacee Carlisle

Jessie Kaye is a 23 year-old who has wrestled all over the United States including working for Primal Conflict Wrestling (PCW), a small promotion based out of West Virginia. Kaye was trained by former WWE wrestler Duane Gill aka Gillberg. Earlier this year Kaye wrestled Kacee Carlisle at the PCW Reign of Glory show on April 12.

The crowd is hot for Kaye from the start and with good reason. Kaye has been wrestling for PCW since 2011 despite West Virginia not exactly being her home state (that’s Maryland). Also, Kaye has had success outside of PCW at promotions like the East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) and Viscous Outcast Wrestling (VOW). In fact at the beginning of this year Kaye simultaneously held the ECWA Women’s Championship and the VOW Vixen’s Championship. If you can’t boo a loser, it is good to cheer a winner. At any rate the fans are in Kaye’s corner, but Carlisle, being a heel and all, has to showboat and poses on the ropes. At this point one of the fans even yells, “You’re going to break the ring” at the full figured Carlisle.

Carlisle attacks Kaye when she goes to pose, but Kaye doesn’t stay down for long. Instead she uses some psychology that harkens back to Arn Anderson’s ring work. By that I mean Kaye really focuses on her opponent’s left arm and clamps on a wristlock. However, Carlisle takes an approach used by another member of The Four Horsemen, Ric Flair and gives Kaye a cheap shot. Carlisle may not be the dirtiest player in the game yet, but if she keep at it then who knows.

Carlisle keeps the assault going by choking Kaye with the ropes. Kaye has a hope spot with a boot to Carlisle’s face, but Carlisle lands a sidewalk slam. This is the lowest point for Kaye as the crowd starts to rejuvenate her.

For the finish Kaye murders Carlisle with a reverse STO from the ropes.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next PCW show will be PCW Zero Hour on January 24 in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Click here for tickets.

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