25 and Under: Samantha Heights at LSC

by Daniel Johnson


Samantha Heights vs. Kaela

Samantha Heights is a 25 year-old wrestler from Ohio trained by Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) star and current CZW World Tag Team Champion, Dave Crist. Although Height has not been wrestling long in 2013 and 2014 she has become a regular on the Ohio independent scene wrestling for promotions like Juggalo Championship Wrestling (JCW), Rockstar Pro Wrestling (RPW) and Legends of the Squared Circle (LSC).

In February 2013 at LSC Back in Black, Heights wrestled Kaela, another upstart performer, positioned as the babyface. Heights makes this crystal clear with a cheap shot to start, landing a forearm on Kaela’s back. Heights continues the abuse her opponent with some choking, kicks and even nearly scoring a three count. Kaela comes back with a slightly botched headscissors attack then a 619 and a whoopee cushion type move. Yes, you read that right, Kaela somehow combined the move sets of Rey Mysterio and Doink. The babyface continues to stay in control for sometime until Heights starts regaining her momentum.

Heights lands some forearm shots in the corner and Irish whips Kaela across the ring, but gets a barely connecting kick in the head for her troubles. Kaela goes up top possibly planning to hit another whoopee cushion. Instead Heights rises to her feet.

For the finish Kaela attempts to pin Heights with a sunset flip, but Heights moves forward and grabs onto the ropes for leverage to get a cheap victory.

The full match can be seen right here:

LSC is not currently promoting any future shows. To check out a poster from LSC’s most recent show, LSC Night of Anarchy click here.

For the full results of LSC Back in Black click here.

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