25 and Under: JJ DeVille Battles the Odds at ASWA

by Daniel Johnson

25andunderlogoJJ DeVille vs. Random Pain

JJ DeVille was born in 1990 and has worked for promotions like Mid-Ohio Wrestling (MOW), Ohio Championship Wrestling (OCW) and some promotions affiliated with the NWA. He has kept a low profile for a while now with his fan page not updated since 2011, but he put on an interesting showing for the American States Wrestling Alliance (ASWA) back in 2012.

At the ASWA Saturday Night Slam show from February 4, 2012, DeVille took on Random Pain, one half of a team known as The Status Symbols. Pain’s partner, GQ Status was on the outside stacking the deck against DeVille from the start.

Nevertheless, DeVille opens the bout up with a stiff MMA style kick to Pain. Pain retreats to the outside and DeVille responds by nailing him with a running swanton onto the floor. This man is not afraid to take a chance!

Despite Status taking off his jacket and repeatedly interfering throughout the match DeVille largely stays in control and delivers some sweet moves like a guillotine leg drop from over the ropes and onto the ring apron where Pain’s neck lay. The only point where Pain really gets in control of the match is when DeVille misses a charge and Pain tosses him out of the ring. Although Pain bullies the referee so he can cheat, DeVille fights back with a 1-2-3 Kid-esque second rope moonsault. Still outnumbered, DeVille taps into some of John Cena’s spirit as he looks to overcome the odds.

For the finish things go haywire for DeVille. The heel champ “Beautiful” Benjamin Bartholomew interferes and lays DeVille out with the ASWA Universal Championship belt. Pain gets the cheap win.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next ASWA show will be an ASWA Saturday Night Slam taping on February 7 in Mansfield, Ohio. Click here for tickets.

For the full results of the ASWA Saturday Night Slam February 4, 2012 show click here.

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