25 and Under: Mary Elizabeth Monroe at IWA in Ohio

by Daniel Johnson

25andunderlogoMary Elizabeth Monroe vs. Selene Grey

Mary Elizabeth Monroe is a 23 year-old wrestling out of Ohio. She was trained by former WWE star Jimmy Wang Yang and fellow Ohioan Cody Hawk. Monroe debuted in 2007 and recently began working for Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), where she may earn her greatest success yet.

Before this International Wrestling Alliance (IWA) encounter Monroe blows a kiss to her opponent, Selene Grey and as the action unfolds a “USA” chant starts. Monroe doesn’t have a particularly patriotic gimmick and Grey doesn’t do anything particularly anti-American. Oh well. At least it makes more sense than Bret Hart getting the same chant against Yokozuna at WWF WrestleMania IX anyway.

Grey doesn’t mess around though and gives Monroe such a loud sounding shot to the face it would make even experienced wrestling fans wince. The crowd have just as loud a reaction to it understandably.

The match has some slow spots, but Grey plays a logical foil by keeping the pace down to keep Monroe from getting too much momentum. At least Grey isn’t too obivous with her rest holds unlike some people. This all changes when Monroe makes her comeback. Monroe gets back on the offensive with a monkey flip into a front face lock. The crowd is really hot when Monroe wraps her legs around Grey to thoroughly apply the hold.

Grey taps out to the delight of the fans who rejoice as Monroe’s rave music hits.

The full match can be seen right here:

The IWA is not currently promoting any shows, but if that should change you can get information about it here.

If you have the full results for the card this match took place at then drop me a line here.

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