25 and Under: Jimmy Meadows at BSW

by Daniel Johnson


Jimmy Meadows vs. Vortex

Jimmy Meadows is a 20 year-old talent wrestling out of West Humberstone, Leicester, England who has been trained by Robbie Brookside. For readers unfamiliar with wrestling in the United Kingdom, Brookside has over 30 years experience in the industry and is the man behind Brookside’s School of Wrestling (BSW). The name says it all and BSW is a school first, but the company has also put on shows in front of crowds including this one where Meadows wrestles the masked heel, Vortex.

The bout takes place in a tiny red ring that Meadows is kept from exploring when Vortex sticks him in a wristlock. Well, at least that is what Vortex was trying to do. Instead Meadows manages to jump and flip despite Vortex having his arm clamped.

Vortex continues with his holds until he finds himself in a wristlock of Meadows’ doing. Meadows’ luck runs out when he goes for a test of strength only to get booted in the gut and clubbed on the back. Meadows may need to brush up on his Professional Wrestling 101. Despite color coordinating with the ring, Vortex may look festive in his bright red ring gear, but he is a bit of a bastard. Nevertheless Meadows has dealt with bastards before. He was once fed to Ryback for goodness sakes! Really.

Meadows tries for a comeback with two dropkicks and an armdrag, but Vortex must enjoy TAKA Michinoku matches because he uses the man’s finisher. Meadows narrowly escapes, but Vortex stays on the offensive.

Meadows eats Nova’s old kryptonite krunch move and it is all over.

The full match can be seen right here:

BSW currently don’t have any major shows scheduled or if they do they are keeping it a good secret. Likewise, the company only has a Facebook page rather than a full website so results for the show this match took place on are tough to come by. However, BSW recently had a class taught by Robbie Dynamite. To view a promotional poster for the class click here. If you have any further information about BSW drop me a line here.

For more in the 25 and Under series emphasizing European talent click here and here.

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