PCW: Kay Jutler Wrestles a Wild Boar Amongst Chaos

by Daniel Johnson


Kay Jutler vs. Wild Boar

This weekend is a great one to be a wrestling fan. Whether you like huge companies like WWE, which is holding WWE TLC: Tables Ladders Chairs…and Stairs (2014) or smaller promotions like Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), which is putting on CZW Cage of Death XVI, there is something for everyone. With so much wrestling out there to digest plenty can get overlooked, but Pro Wrestling Chaos (PWC) based out of Bristol, South Gloucestershire, England in the United Kingdom is not a place to ignore.

Founded just last year PWC runs a show most months and its core roster is comprised of some young workhorses from around the United Kingdom. The promotion has also featured some international talent such as Rich Swann who headlined the excellently titled PWC All Night Swann event. Still, young talent from throughout the United Kingdom make up the overwhelming majority of PWC’s matches and the company showcased two of their best at PWC 5: Triple Threat in Kay Jutler and Wild Boar.

Jutler comes out to the standard heel tune “I Touch Myself” by Divinyls. On top of choosing an entrance song great at getting a reaction out of fans, Jutler draws the crowd’s ire that much more when he confidently flexes and yells, “The most handsome man in wrestling, baby! Right here!” Wild Boar is a wrestler who can work well as a babyface or heel, but when he works babyface he is very reminiscent or Rick Steiner. Okay, mostly he just barks to the crowd like Rick used to. Boar’s singlet isn’t nearly as silly as some of the ones Rick Steiner wore. Or some of the ones Scott Steiner wore come to think of it.

Jutler paces the match by clamping on three crossfaces throughout it. Heck, there is even a Chris Benoit that starts at one point. Boar powers out of the last of these submissions with a move that is somewhere between a belly-to-back suplex and a Samoan drop. Out of desperation Jutler starts landing a variety of quick strikes, which Boar just barely sells.

For the finish Boar wins with a modified falcon arrow.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next PWC event will be PWC 10 in Bristol, South Gloucestershire, England. Click here for tickets.

For the full results of PWC 5: Triple Threat click here.

For more entertaining action from the United Kingdom click here and here.

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