25 and Under: Laura Wellings at PWLE

by Daniel Johnson


Laura Wellings vs. Queen Maya

Laura Wellings is a 23 year-old talent wrestling out of Switzerland. Wellings trained under Lance Storm and since she debuted in 2006 she has stuck mainly to wrestling for Swiss Championship Wrestling (SCW) where she has held the SCW Ladies Championship on three separate occasions.

Back in 2012 Wellings wrestled for Pro Wrestling Live Events (PWLE) at their inaugural event, PWLE Pro Wrestling Live! and had a match against the Italian born Queen Maya. Maya represented the United Kingdom’s Real Quality Wrestling (RQW) for the bout as she held the RQW European Women’s Championship at the time.

Although this was a non-title affair, the crowd is absolutely insane for this one. The audio quality of the clip is not that great so when Wellings comes out to “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana it sounds like the crowd is either going to charge the ring or summon the dark lord Cthulhu. In any event Maya has an obvious height and weight advantage and demonstrates this by shoving Wellings down to start. Up until the last three minutes Maya controls about 95 percent of this one with vicious moves like a headbutt, kicks to the head and grinding Wellings’ face into the mat. Wellings shines in those final three minutes when she attacks Maya with a headscissors takedown, a tornado DDT from the ropes and a bulldog. Maya stops the momentum of the babyface for a while with a stiff forearm, but Wellings wins it with a roll up reversal out of a chokeslam.

The full match can be seen right here:

PWLE isn’t currently promoting any upcoming shows, but held PWLE Pro Wrestling Live! 2 on May 10, 2014. A highlight video of the event can be found here.

I have been unable to find the full results for PWLE Pro Wrestling Live! If you know where to find them or have them drop me a line here.Photos from the event can be viewed here.

For more in the 25 and Under series featuring some of the best young women wrestlers from around the world click here and here.

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