25 and Under: Dark Angel Wrestles Cimarrera at VLL

by Daniel Johnson


Dark Angel vs. Cimarrera

Back in 2012 two female Chilean wrestlers, Dark Angel aka Stephanie Vaquer and Cimarrera were wrestling regularly. Vaquer uploaded a couple of these matches to her YouTube channel. Although bouts such as this one are worth watching, the technical quality all around is not the best so you may want to turn the volume down on your computer if you watch this clip unless you want your ears to start bleeding.

Just the clothing of these two telegraphs their face/heel statuses. Cimarrera comes out in a schoolgirl type outfit slapping hands while Angel is in pure black and standoffish. It is not tough to figure out who is the face and who is the heel.

As for the ring work though both have a decent amount of energy the two are rather sloppy. Sometimes about as sloppy as an angry New Jack and a drunken Sandman. Still, Chile doesn’t have the biggest or most developed wrestling scene so one has to admire the work of these two in this Valparaiso Lucha Libre (VLL) match.

Angel pulls Cimarrera’s leg down first, but before she knows it finds herself in a headscissors submission. Angel eventually fights back with a snapmare followed by a sit down abdominal stretch. Although the crowd is not too into this rest hold what they get loud for is Cimarrera nailing a splash into a corner on Angel followed by a DDT. These fans have obviously seen some American wrestling and by their reactions to these moves it’s like Sting and Jake “The Snake” Roberts were performing their signature moves here and there.

The worse part of the match has to be the way Angel and Cimarrera run the ropes. Or rather how they don’t run the ropes seeing as how they do little above walking into them. Still, little things like Angel delivering a decent suplex take some focus off of this. There is also some variety in this match as the two even brawl into the crowd at one point.

For the finish Cimarrera executes some soccer kicks and then pins Angel with a la magistral cradle.

The full match can be seen right here:

I have no idea exactly what VLL show this match took place at or where you can find the results of this show. However, if you do then drop me a line here.

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