25 and Under: Blake Andersen Challenges for the BWS Championship

by Daniel Johnson


Blake Andersen vs. Eddie Dark

Blake Andersen is a 20 year-old wrestler based out of Belgium who has been having some enthralling bouts for Belgian Wrestling School/Belgian Catch Wrestling Federation (BWS/BCWF). At BWS/BCWF, Andersen currently holds the BWS Heavyweight Championship, currently being in his second reign with the title. On November 8, Andersen took on Eddie Dark in a match for Dark’s strap.

Andersen starts the match off with a take down then goes after Dark’s left arm before transitioning into a front face lock. Dark escapes then uses the same psychology as his opponent, targeting Andersen’s left arm. Speaking of Andersen, this technical offense is a little reminiscent of how Arn Anderson and Ole Anderson used to pick apart their opponents.

One aspect of this bout that may make fans appreciate it more is Andersen’s finisher, which is basically Randy Orton’s RKO. Like Orton, Andersen can nail it out of a variety of places. Actually, from what I’ve seen of Andersen he might be more like a Belgian Diamond Dallas Page than a Randy Orton. He is much younger than DDP, but he probably doesn’t have his own Yoga company.

At any rate, Dark takes Andersen to the ropes, but avoids getting hit with his finisher, instead executing a lovely hurricanrana much to the delight of these fans in Europe. Andersen battles back and punishes Dark with a running powerslam. Dark kicks out and the crowd is split between chanting for Andersen and cheering on the champ. Dark is also known for using a move or two popular in WWE and hits his own variation of Rey Mysterio’s 619. Dark then goes up top, signaling for the kill.

For the finish Dark jumps right into Andersen’s finisher and just like that it is over.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next BWS/BCWF show will be a live event on January 31 in Philippeville, Namur, Belgium. Click here for tickets.

For the full results of the BWS/BCWF November 8, 2014 show click here.

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