25 and Under: Dare Devil Devan Wrestles at a Picnic in Wisconsin

by Daniel Johnson

25andunderlogoDare Devil Devan vs. Archer Sterling

Wrestling in Campbellsport, Wisconsin at the town’s July 4 fire department picnic may not be something a lot of kids aspire to when dreaming to be a pro wrestler. Yet, before you write it off, remember that small shows like these harken back to the fairground roots of pro wrestling, and if you open your mind you just may find things to enjoy about this clip. Dare Devil Devan is a 23 year-old wrestler who worked for Wisconsin Professional Wrestling (WPW) until at least 2013. He is not listed on the WPW roster page anymore, but Jake Roberts, Jim Duggan and Greg Valentine are so perhaps that is not the most reliable source.

In 2012, Devan and Archer Sterling were married to each other. Figuratively speaking of course. if you check out Sterling’s YouTube channel, literally half of the clips are him wrestling Devan.

This show was promoted as WPW Fight for Freedom and believe it or not actually had support from the NWA. At that point WPW still went by its older name of NWA Wisconsin. Additionally, an NWA title was actually on the line as Sterling held the NWA Wisconsin Innovative X Championship. The champ even had his own little posse to escort him to the ring, which consisted of Thomas Walton III and Kippy the Towel Boy.

Prior to the match Devan cuts a promo and tries to get a USA chant going, but is unsuccessful. His ring work is an improvement over this promo as he knocks Sterling down with some kicks then lands a back elbow followed by a hurricanrana. The way this single camera video is shot makes it tough to pay attention to everything happening in the ring. Cars literally are passing between the ring and where the camera is fixed. Heck, a golf cart and a vintage car even go by at one point…then come back through! I don’t know the circumstances behind a man needing to drive a golf cart behind a vintage car right next to a wrestling ring at a fire department’s picnic, but I’d love to meet that man. He must have a fascinating life story.

Getting back to the action Devan performs a super high risk spot by nailing a cross body from the outside to the ground. Notice, I didn’t say floor.

For the finish Devan drives Archer’s face into the mat then finishes him off with a frogsplash. We have a new champion! To add insult to injury Walton gets in the ring afterward and yells at Archer before planting him back on the mat and teasing further assault.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next WPW show will be WPW New Years Wrestlution 2015 on January 31 in De Pere, Wisconsin. Click here for more information.

I have no idea where the full results for WPW Fight for Freedom can be found. However, if you do then drop me a line here.

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