25 and Under: Owen Knight Heels It Up at AWE in Georgia

by Daniel Johnson


Owen Knight vs. Marko Polo

Owen Knight is a 20 year-old wrestler who has appeared on shows in Georgia for a few different promotions. One such promotion is Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment (AWE), which just opened last year. In November, Knight wrestled a man perhaps named after everyone’s favorite aquatic version of hide and go seek, Marko Polo.

The show Knight wrestled Polo on was entitled AWE For the Ladies. Sadly, I have received no word on whether a certain Kool and the Gang song was used at the show. Staying true to the theme of the event, Knight had Kiera Hogan in his corner while in Polo’s corner was The Priscilla Kelly. Despite Polo wearing a pimp coat that would make Charles Wright blush (or at least shrug) and Kelly using “The” in her name like a fiendish Brian Kendrick would, Knight is actually positioned as the heel of this match.

Knight shows just how dastardly he is from the start as he gives Polo a cheap shot kick to the gut while teasing a lockup. Knight then pulls off some more heel tactics throughout the match such as choking Polo repeatedly and distracting the referee while Hogan (not Hulk) slaps Polo.

When Polo is in control of the match he gets in some sold offense. In particular what stands out is Polo scoring a back elbow then attacking Knight with a jumping clothesline. To add a little variation Polo bounces off the ropes and jumps up for an atomic legdrop. He certainly got more air out out of his legdrop than the last time Hulk Hogan hit that move.

For the finish Knight gets out what looks like some brass knuckles and clocks Polo while Hogan distracts the referee. Knight then tosses the knuckles to his valet and gets the pin.

The full match can be seen right here:

AWE is not currently promoting any upcoming shows, but just had an event on March 13, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia entitled AWE Culture Shock. To check out a poster from the event click here.

For the full results of AWE For the Ladies click here.

For more in the 25 and Under series featuring some swell action from around the United States click here and here.

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