25 and Under: Harley T. Morris at BDW in West Virginia

by Daniel Johnson

25andunderlogoHarley T. Morris vs. The Jester

Harley T. Morris is a West Virginia born wrestler who since 2013 has chiefly wrestled for Black Diamond Wrestling (BDW), based in his home state, and Pro Wrestling eXpress (PWX) based in Pennsylvania. On October 6, 2013 at BDW Buried Alive, Morris wrestled Keith Haught who was performing as his Jester character.

Although Morris has improved a mighty bit as a performer since this match took place, this bout is short and sweet and can give fans a good taste of what Morris has to offer. Davind Marbel served as Morris’ manager for this outing, but doesn’t have a big role in this clip. Heck, he doesn’t even warn Morris about the headlock Jester puts him in to open the match.

As for the remainder of the in-ring action after Jester applies a front face lock, Morris gets out and lands some straight strikes to Jester’s face followed by some back elbows. Morris isn’t exactly as vicious as Anderson Silva with those hits, but they look effective enough.

Jester gains back control of the match with some choking, first with his leg then with the ropes. During this period Morris does some great selling and gives some screams that wouldn’t sound out of place in Cannibal Holocaust. Jester follows up with a snapmare then some soccer kicks that look about as stiff as a Stan Hansen lariat. That’s stiff!

Morris gets the match going in his favor when Jester attempts a superplex only to be headbutted off of the ropes. Morris follows up with a top rope dropkick reminiscent of Owen Hart and then…the lights go dark? Is it The Undertaker?

Wait, that’s right! This is an indie show in West Virginia not WWE. Not that The Undertaker bothers to show up much for them either these days. For the finish instead of The Undertaker, “The Real Deal” Rick Rumsky attacks both men (plus Marbel) resulting in a no contest. Although Rumsky looks nothing like D’Lo Brown he does a good job of clearing the ring. Perhaps we are looking at the real deal now.

The full match can be seen right here:

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