25 and Under: Jayke Jacobs Goes Insane

by Daniel Johnson


Jayke Jacobs vs. JV Insanity

Jayke Jacobs is a fresh faced indie worker so new on the scene that cagematch.net features him, but doesn’t list any matches he has had. Debuting in 2013, this young talent has worked for West Virginia Championship Wrestling (WVCW) where at a WVCW television taping in 2014 in the town of Princeton he took on veteran masked performer JV Insanity.

Speaking of time tested wrestlers on the indies Scotty Blaze helps to call this match and talks up the experience of Insanity. Jacobs positions himself as a heel early on and jumps into the referees arms for a comedy spot. However, like Raven waving off a foolish Stevie Richards, the referee is unwilling to be Jacobs’ buffoon and simply hands him over to Insanity.

The match is a fairly meat and potatoes affair that goes about five minutes. Although not too much flashy is included, Jacobs and Insanity work well together and Jacobs gets a chance to show his selling, particularly in a spot where Insanity gives him a soccer kick.

Although Jacobs wears boots like The Berzerker, his skinny frame makes him a perfect performer for an aerial move set. He gives fans just a little taste of that with a second rope leg drop towards the end. In regard to Jacobs’ psychology, like any good heel fighting a masked face, he spends a good portion of the bout trying to rip off Insanity’s head covering.

For the finish Jacobs takes a page out of The Great Muta’s book and devastates Insanity with a shining wizard and a three count.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next big WVCW show will be WVCW Spring Break Bash on April 24 in Bluefield, West Virginia. Click here for more information.

I have no idea where to find the full results for this WVCW television taping. However, if you have an inkling then drop me a line here.

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