Indie Wrestling News Roundup 1/12/15

by Daniel Johnson


*Syuri, 25, had her first successful defense of the CMLL World Women’s Championship on January 11. At a Universal Woman’s Pro Wrestling REINA (UWWR or REINA) show, Syuri defeated Shuu Shibutani, 35, in a match that went over 13 minutes. Although Syuri has wrestled in Mexico she has yet to defend the CMLL World Women’s Championship in the country since winning it on December 12, 2014.

*Kagetsu, 22, had a competitive match with Tsubasa Kuragaki, 17 years her senior on January 11. The match took place for OZ Academy in Tokyo, Japan. Kuragaki defended the OZ Academy Openweight Championship in this match held at the OZ Academy The Wizard of OZ 2015 event.

*Hitoshi Kumano, 23, was the lone wrestler 25 or under featured at a high profile NOAH show held at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan on January 10. At NOAH New Year Navigation 2015 he lost in under three minutes in the opener to Yoshinari Ogawa, 25 years his senior. While pushing people 25 and under may not be a big priority for NOAH, the night was capped off with a fresh invasion angle in which Suzuki-Gun, of NJPW, attacked. The highlight of the beat down was Suzuki-Gun leader, Minoru Suzuki, 46, piledriving Naomichi Marufuji, 35. Marufuji had just successfully defended the GHC Heavyweight Championship, NOAH’s top title, against Satoshi Kojima, 44. Although only one performer in his early twenties was featured it should also be noted other young competitors worked the show including Jonah Rock, 26, Katsuhiko Nakajima, 26 and Zack Sabre, Jr. , 27.

*In Full Impact Pro (FIP) based in Florida, The Juicy Product consisting of “The Juice” JT Dunn, 25, and and “The Product” David Starr, 23, have finally dropped the FIP Tag Team Championship. The duo, which includes the 2012 winner of The Johnson Transcript Surging Star Award, Dunn, held the straps for a remarkable 253 days. This is the longest reign with those particular titles since The Scene composed of Caleb Konley and Scott Reed, 29, were champions in a reign that stretched from 2011 to 2013. The new champions are The Savages consisting of Eddie Graves and Teddy Stigma who won the titles in a four corners match at FIP Everything Burns 2015 on January 10. Also involved in the match were Dos Ben Dejos made up of Eddie Rios and Jay Cruz, 30, as well as Evan Gelistico, 28, and Pierre Abernathy, 31, who were representing the Submission Squad stable.

*At the same show Rich Swann, 23, retained the FIP World Heavyweight Championship against Roderick Strong, 31, in a match that ended in a disqualification after Strong used a weapon.

*At Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), some young folks showcased their skills at CZW To Live is to Die on January 10 in Voorhees, New Jersey including Alexander James, 22. Drew Gulak, 27, kicked the crap out of James who got in very little offense in their match before giving Gulak the victory. James first worked as Gulak’s intern in storylines and if this match is anything to go by the student has not yet become the teacher.

*Over in Europe in German Stampede Wrestling (GSW), The AUTsiders made up of Robert Dreissker, 25, and Big Daddy Walter won the GSW Tag Team Championship on January 10 at GSW The Turnover. The team ended the 182 day reign of Absolute Andy, 31, and Michael Kovac, 44. In Westside Xtreme Wrestling (WXW), The AUTsiders had previously held the WXW World Tag Team Championship for 258 days in 2013.

*At the same show Ivan Kiev, 25, successfully defended the GSW Breakthrough Championship against Tommy End, 29, arguably the most established German wrestler still in his twenties. The bout went nearly 15 minutes.

*Roughly 6,000 miles away, in SoCal Pro Wrestling (SCP) the SCP Heavyweight Championship reign of Andre Machievski, 25, came to an end on the same day. Tommy Wilson, who is seven years the senior of Machievski, defeated the former champion in the main event of SCP New Year’s Retribution 2015 in Oceanside, California.

*Reed Bentley, 23, the Crown J winner of 2013 wrestled his first match of 2015 at IWA: Mid-South A Matter of Respect in Clarksville, Indiana. He lost in the main event, which was a three way elimination match won by John Wayne Murdoch, 26. Also involved in the match was Shane Mercer, 26.

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