25 and Under: Jasmin at UCW

by Daniel Johnson


Jasmin vs. Arella Angel

Jasmin is a 19 year-old wrestler coming out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada who began her career in January 2013 working for Canadian based Squared Circle Wrestling (SCW) and the Pure Wrestling Association (PWA). Since then Jasmin has already crossed into the American border to work for a number of promotions including Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW), New England Championship Wrestling (NECW) and Ultimate Championship Wrestling (UCW). At UCW she let her heel side show in this match with Arella Angel.

This match doesn’t last long before a woman interferes and pulls Angel down by the hair. The video quality on this clip isn’t great, but I’m thinking it’s Alexis Nicole. Anyway, Angel’s attacker keeps coming back inside the ring to fight right in front of the referee. Apparently this is legal in the province of Ontario. In between this, Jasmin performs some moves great at generating heat such as pulling Angel up by the arms while Jasmin is standing on her hair. The ending is a little botched and awkward as Angel hits a rolling version of the Rocker dropper. Well, I’m sure Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty botched that move themselves plenty of times back in their partying days as The Rockers so it’s tough to give Angel crap about it.

Jasmin has gone on to have a worthwhile 2014. She held the PWA Elite Women’s Championship until January and in Classic Championship Wrestling (CCW) she held the CCW Ladies Championship up until May.

The full match can be seen right here:

UCW isn’t currently promoting any upcoming shows, but a UCW show just took place this past Saturday. To check out a poster for that event click here.

I have not been able to find full results for this UCW show. If you have them or know where to find them drop me a line here.

For more in the 25 and Under series showcasing some dastardly women click here and here.

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