25 and Under: Alexia Nicole Wrestles Skylar Rose at Crossfire Wrestling

by Daniel Johnson


 Alexia Nicole vs. Skylar Rose

Alexia Nicole is a Canadian wrestler who turned 18 year-old in April, but even before then wrestled a few matches in 2013. At 4’11” and weighing just a hair over 100 lbs she is tiny, but might one day put plenty opponents away with her finisher, the dyslexia curb stomp.

In September, Nicole debuted for Crossfire Wrestling (CW) against Skylar Rose, another young developing talent. Lately, Rose has been on a winning streak in CW and had most recently defeated “Anti-Diva” Kaitlin Diemond at CW Bring the Heat 3 in July.

Nicole opens with a hammerlock to start the feeling out process, but Rose picks up the pace with a crossbody. The two stars don’t take long to begin trading blows and Nicole hits a second rope dropkick for a two count. To really send home the message Nicole is the heel of the match she then starts banging Rose’s head into the mat. That probably won’t make you dyslexic, but it will make words pretty blurry after a while. Nicole picks Rose up with the intention of putting Rose away possibly by using the dyslexia curb stomp. However, Nicole’s finisher is as elusive as Brock Lesnar and Rose stops her with a shot to the breadbasket. Gorilla Monsoon would be thrilled.

Rose finishes Nicole with her STO finisher, which she calls the ERT (every rose’s thorn.). The story isn’t over yet though because “Queen of Mean” Persephone Vice then appears on CW’s big screens. Rose and Vice have some history and look to continue it in CW! Nicole and Rose also gave post match interviews and in Rose’s she refers to Vice as, “A wrecking ball!”

The full match can be seen right here:

The next CW show will be CW Jingle Bell Brawl III on December 6 in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Click here for tickets.

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