25 and Under: Brandon Flip Wrestles on the TCW Debut Show in Canada

by Daniel Johnson


Brandon Flip is a 22 year-old Canadian wrestler who, from 2009 to 2013, worked a lot for the Pure Wrestling Association (PWA), a promotion known for holding events all over Ontario. Flip has been absent from the company for a while now, but still wrestles and has since changed his name to “Bulldog” Brandon Hynes, modifying his image considerably, and has a Facebook fan page that can be found here. Back in 2011 though Flip still worked under his old name including in this dark match against Super Kamikaze for Tri-City Wrestling (TCW).

TCW was a short lived promotion that held shows from 2011 to 2013 around Flip’s regular stomping grounds of Ontario. The TCW Debut Show had the distinction of featuring a former WWE superstar in its main event. The only thing is the former superstar was Robbie McAllister of The Highlanders. Perhaps if it had been Rory McAllister, TCW would still be in business.

As for this match, Flip has to put up with a heckler right off the bat as despite the poor audio quality of this clip you can clearly hear someone shout, “Fat ass.” At this point I was hoping Flip would showcase an ironic character. One who goes by a name like “Flip,” but is in no condition to be a flippy floppy wrestler and taunts the audience. However, this being a dark match on a small independent show, Flip has no chance to really show off his personality.

The in-ring time of the match is merely three minutes, but Flip and Kamikaze put together a pretty entertaining, if a little sloppy, encounter. Flip misses a clothesline early on and then gets dropkicked for his troubles followed by a good kick in the gut. When Flip manages some offense he goes after Kamikaze’s left arm and also executes a pretty swell headscissors takedown.

The most cringe worthy part of the match has to be Kamikaze’s forced attempts to get Flip in a 619 position. Yet, Rey Mysterio also had this problem since it’s pretty much just a fundamental flaw with the move. Heck, even in video games.

For the finish Kamikaze hits the 619 and then follows up with a lionsault for the win.

The full match can be seen right here:

TCW is no more, but another promotion Flip has worked for, PWA, still holds events. The next PWA show will be PWA Winter Slam 2015 on February 21 in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Click here for tickets.

For the full results of the TCW Debut Show click here.

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  1. Hey man… Didn’t even know this existed. Randomly searched my name as a joke and this came up. Thanks for this. Much appreciated. I’m currently living in Newfoundland and wrestling for the premier company here Legend City Wrestling but I mange to make 1-2 trips to Ontario a year and soon a move. Haha. Thanks again!

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