25 and Under: Kowgirl Kissey Challenges for the AIWF Women’s Championship

by Daniel Johnson

25andunderlogoKowgirl Kissey vs. Devyn Nicole

Before Kowgirl Kissey wrestles for Pro Wrestling EGO, an Allied Independent Wrestling Federations’ (AIWF) promotion based out of Mississippi she has a whole dog and pony show that precedes her. Odd, considering Kissey is challenging Devyn Nicole for the AIWF Women’s Championship rather than being the champion herself. Well, I guess a heel has got to be a heel.

Speaking of being a heel, Kissey’s manager, Taj Muhal plays a great one as a flamboyant and aggressive man. Muhal showcases his nasty attitude when he claims he should hold the AIWF Women’s Championship despite being a man. Who does he think he is, Andy Kaufman? Kissey also has a bodyguard, but he mostly just stands there.

Nicole takes the ODB-esque Kissey down with a headlock to start. Soon Devyn is nailing Kissey with hip tosses leading Kowgirl to take a breather on the outside. With the help of her bodyguard, who just stands in Nicole’s way, Kissey blindsides Nicole to gain some some footing in this one. Inside the ring Kissey has Nicole on all fours, but rather than make her humble like The Iron Sheik and locking on a camel clutch, Kissey rides and spanks her foe. Nicole gets out of that situation eventually then delivers some fists and kicks. Nicole makes her offense a little more artful later on with a neckbreaker.

Muhal tries to defeat Nicole with some shenanigans, but Nicole holds her title too proudly to drop it in such a fashion.

The full match can be seen right here:

Pro Wrestling EGO’s next show will be Now It’s War! held in conjunction with another AIWF Mississippi promotion, Pride Premiere Wrestling on September 6 in Clinton, Mississippi. For more information check out the promotion’s Facebook page here.

To look at a poster from Now It’s War! click here.

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